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  • Conditions, Prices, Information.

    Please read the following provisions carefully. Access to this website implies confirmation that you have read, understood and accepted these provisions.

    BelStat MAX and BelStat PRO 

    BelStat MAX is a "free" web statistics system.  The conditions to use it free of charge are mentioned below:

       BelStat MAX can be used in three languages: English, French and Dutch. Click here NL, FR or EN or above to change the language.
       The BelStat MAX may be installed on all your pages.
    Only 1 counter may be installed per domain.
    The counter must be visible in its normal format (16*16px of 45*45px) on all your pages and on the first screen of those pages. It must be minimally visible on a screen of a resolution of 600*800. Moreover, the colour you choose for the counter must be contrasting with the background colour of your pages in such a way that the counter is very visible on your page.
    A free counter may normally not register more than 5000 pageviews(PVs)/day. When a counter counts more average per day, BelStat is allowed to remove the counter or ask the user to change to a PRO counter.
      BelStat may, at any time, remove any counter from the system without having to give any reason for doing so. Counters from sites with abusive information are not allowed or will be removed.
      Counters of users which tamper results, spam, hide counters or use any unauthorised technique to influence numbers or results will be removed without any warning.
      More technical and other information you can find here:
      An overview of all possibilities of the BelStat MAX counter together with a comparision between BelStat MAX and BelStat PRO you can find here:
      The installation of a counter on your page(s) is your responsibility. BelStat does not give support for BelStat MAX and is not responsible for a faulty installation by the subscriber.
      After subscription you receive immediately a confirmation email with your personal details and a link to get the counter code which you put on your page.
      To subscribe to BelStat MAX go here and fill in the data requested. You get then a confirmation and the html code you need for installing the counter on your site.

    BelStat PRO is a web statistics system for which you "pay".  The conditions to use it are as follows hereafter:

       BelStat PRO can be used in three languages: English, French and Dutch. Click here NL, FR or EN or above to change to another language.
       The counter may be installed on all your pages.
    The counter may only be installed on 1 domain.
    At you own choice, the counter may be visible or hidden.
    A group counter can be supplied for an additional price of € 110,00/year. Such a counter groups and summarise a number of normal PRO counters. Ask information!
    A BelStat PRO license includes the use of the PRO counter for minimum one year under the herewith defined conditions. Invoicing and payment is done in yearly periods.

    Description Per Month Per Year

    - License 1 year of usage of BelStat PRO statistics

    - Basic price for 2 million PVs per year (ca. 5500 pvs/day)

    € 7.92 € 95.00

    - VAT (if applicable)

    € 1.66 € 19.95


     € 9.58 € 114.95
    Supplements Per Month Per Year

    - Supplementary use of 1 million PVs per year

    - Every month we recalculate your yearly average.

    € 0.47 € 5.60
    - No publicity on result pages. € 1.25 € 15.00
      All mentioned prices are without VAT. In the European Community 21% of VAT is added for clients whitout a valid VAT registration.
      Payment can be done with our secured credit card system at the subscription or immediately after that by bank transfer.
      Further technical and other information can be found here:
      An overview of all possibilities of the BelStat PRO counter together with a comparision between BelStat MAX and BelStat PRO you can find here:
      After payment and after having compiled to above conditions you may install our counter code on your site. After that, the counter will immediately start counting. The installation of the code is your responsibility and is not included in our prices. We do not charge you with any other cost than mentioned above.
      After subscribing you receive immediately a first confirmation with you personal data and a link to get the code to be put on your page. The invoice is made and sent to you soon after that.
      To subscribe to BelStat PRO go here: . After filling in the form and possibly paying with credit card, you get the code to be used to install the counter on your pages.
      For this kind of license there is no renounciation right because the service is delivered immediately.
      For all questions concerning BelStat PRO, please contact us via email on:

    General Conditions 

    For Jenda conditions check


    Belstat is a project of Jenda:


    If you do not accept these terms, please exit this system immediately ...

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